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About Me

             {Latin} serene, clear, bright

I'm 18-years-old, a Christian, and homeschool graduate. I've lived in beautiful state of Washington my whole life and I live at home with my family and two Siamese cats. 

Photography is something that I've always enjoyed. When I was younger, I would take take my mom's point-and-shoot and fill up the memory card with photos of random things, such as my toys, siblings, and anything I found interesting. From January 2010 through December 2011 I shot with my parents dSLR, a Sony A100. In January 2012 I was able to purchase a Sony A580, which has been perfect for me and where I'm at in photography. 

I've always loved doing creative and crafty things. Almost always I'm working on a project, which could be anything from sewing, baking, making a video, scrapbooking, taking pictures, or just about anything else. I'm really into natural health and beauty. I love food, because really, who doesn't? I have a love for vintage and old fashioned things, love wearing swirly skirts and dresses  and am quite fond of dancing (Swing, Contra, Ballroom, etc), even though it doesn't come natural for me. Although I've been to Canada and Mexico, I'd really like to see more of the world, especially Europe and England. I'm a HUGE Disney enthusiast. Disneyland is my favorite place to visit, Disney Cruises are a favorite, I have lots of Disney souvenirs and such displayed in my room, and think anything related to Mickey Mouse is awesome.
"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." -1 Chronicles 16:34

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