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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Rose

As I was looking trough my pictures on my computer, I found this photo that I took over the summer, of as soft orange colored rose. Even though most the flowers are out of bloom now, I thought I'd share this lovely flower anyway.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. Scarecrow

This guy gets pulled out every autumn along with our other fall decorations. He's a pretty little fella, at a little under a foot tall. He's always very cooperative when I want to take his photo. (I took several of him last year with my point-and-shoot). He never complains and always has a smile on his face, making him a wonderful photography subject.

Fall,Autumn,Orange,Golden Tones,Decorations

Carlotta is having a photo challenge, the theme being color. I thought I'd enter this photo, with all the warm and golden tones that I love.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Friendly Chipmunk

While on our hike, (check out my last post if you haven't seen it.) we stopped to eat lunch at a spot with some picnic tables. As we were leaving we saw this chipmunk. I was slowly and quitely approaching it, hoping to get a good shot or two. While I was trying to get a good shot, my sister, who was holding my Z Bar (which are pretty tasty, by the way), and held it out for the chipmunk to eat. Well, he came closer, and ate the bar. And while he was eating, I got some awesome, close up shots of him.

None of the photos are cropped. I got that close to him.



He was pretty firendly, and didn't seem to mind having his picture taken. ;-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hiking Through the Forest

Saturday my dad wanted to get out of the house, and since it was a nice day, we decided to go on a hike.

The path was covered with leaves that had already fallen off the trees.



I loved the sunlight that was shining through the forest.

I loved the lighting at one of the viewing points for one of the falls, so I snapped some shots of my sister.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Sewing Away...

I've been in a sewing mood latley. It started a couple of weeks ago when I made my first skirt. I then made a reversible headband, and yesterday I finished a half-apron, that I created my own pattern for. I also made a ruffled camera strap for my dSLR, which I love!

I had seen several tutorials on different blogs to make them, but I really liked Amanda's ruffled strap.The tutorial (found here), was really easy to follow, with step by step instructions with pictures. That makes it really simple!

I only did one ruffle, since these where the only two fabrics I had. It's really comfortable around my neck, and it looks cute as well!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Nancy Drew Handbook

I love the look of old books, and I also like Nancy Drew. And this book fits in both of those categories.

I love the texture of the cover, and the classic blue and yellow theme.
Nancy Drew,Handbook,Old Books,Book,Blue,Yellow

The blue and yellow theme continues on the inside. Actually, those are the only two colors in the book!
Nancy Drew,Handbook,Old Books,Book,Blue,Yellow

Nancy Drew,Handbook,Old Books,Book,Blue,Yellow

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Favorite

As I mentioned before, this is one of my new favorite photos. I love the deep, dark green in the grass and the brown, crisp leaf. 


Here is a poem about fall, that I wrote two years ago for English. Writing isn't really my thing, especially poems. But I like how this one turned out:

A Leaf's Journey
By Sereina Charise

As I float down from my tree,
I’m happy that I am free.

I’m red like an apple,
But I used to be green.

I was small in the spring,
But I soon grew big.

We are as thin as a piece of paper,
And when we turn brown and crisp,
We are as fragile as glass.

It is a piece of pie,
For me and my friends
To fly in the sky.

When the wind starts blowing,
I will begin my journey,
I just hope that I won’t get dirty.

The wind will blow,
As cold as a winter snow,
And we will all go.

I hope to go to many new places,
And to meet many new faces.

But once the wind stops blowing,
I will have to stop going.

And then my journey will end,
Until the wind starts blowing again.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Fall is here, and I'm loving it! The temperture has cooled down, and the trees are changing colors. Our house has some fall decorations placed here and there. 

Autumn is such a lovely time of the year...
Fall,Autumn,Leaves Changing Colors,Yellow,Sky,Clouds

What's your favorite thing about fall?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Look

I decided it was time that I updated my blogs look a little bit. I went for a clean, simple look, going with a white background. I really want the photos to be the focus, and didn't want a distracting background. You may notice a few other changes too:

1. My name is now Sereina Charise Photography, not Sereina's Photography. I had changed my watermark to that a while back, but now the title of the blog match.

2. I have a new button. If your a fan of my Facebook page (Click here if you haven't seen it), that's the picture I used. It's a new favorite of mine. Feel free to grab my new button!

Sereina Charise Photography

3. I have a new font for my post titles, date posted, and sidebar titles. I used Digs My Hart, a Kevin and Amanda Scrapbook font.

I did end up keeping the light green color theme. I really like that color, and I think my blog will always have those colors.

My old design:

So, what do you think of the new look?

Friday, October 1, 2010


After raining all night, everything is quite wet, even the car. I never knew rain on the hood of a mini-van could look so cool. And I love the lighting....


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