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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 52: Week 8


Starbucks strawberries and cream frappuccino. Delicious.

Starbucks Frap

What's your favorite Starbucks drink?


  1. That looks soooo good right now, even if it is 7*F outside right now;)
    I love their strawberries and cream frappuccinos, or anything with carmel in it. Yummy=)

  2. Ohh, that looks soo good!! I think that I am going to treat myself to a Starbucks drink soon... ;)

    Iced Cafe Mocha is my favorite! But by the looks of that strawberries and cream frappuccino--it may just change. :)


  3. Mmm... sounds (& looks) yummy!
    I am lovin' the Starbucks caramel frapp, but the raspberry shaken iced tea lemonade is really good too! I think I want Starbucks now... ;)

    ~Kaycee Lee~

  4. Ooooooo....so yummy!!! I LOVEEE Starbucks!:) My favorite is Java Chip frappuccino...Soooo good!

  5. Ok, now you have me craving a frappuccino! That picture is just too realistic. ;)

  6. I love that drink! But my favorite is the Passion fruit iced lemonade!! Delicious!

  7. I really like their white chocolate mocha. Mmmmm! :)

  8. Ooh, yum! I think my favorite Starbucks drink has got to be their holiday ones. Especially the Pumpkin Spice latte. ;)

  9. My favorite drink is the white chocolate mocha. I also think the
    Starbucks strawberries and cream frappuccino is delicious :)

  10. Awesome picture! But I don't really like Starbucks, or coffee or anything like that. hah :) Have a great weekend!

  11. My all time favorite is just a decaf latte... but in the summers I love the plain or java chip frappucino, and I really like the pumpkin spice latte in the fall. Starbucks is the best!

  12. vanilla chai or cinnamon dolce latte :)

  13. We don't have starbucks here in Australia :( I know, it's a tragedy!

    But we have a place called Gloria Jeans which is AH-MAZING, and i love their "Very Vanilla Chiller" - delish!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week,

    K xx


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