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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Randomness

{a self-portrait from the other day}

It's already February 6th, my how January just flew by! I've been keeping busy doing quite a bit crafting, particulary sewing. Some of my latest project are a bucket hat and a stuffed cat. The cat turned out kinda funny looking, but it's not too bad, considering it was the first stuffed animal I've made. I've also been having fun making desktop backgrounds for my computer. My latest creations is a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers one and one inspired by the song Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald.

{a candle holder I made by gluing strips of fabric to a jar with mod podge}

It's been unusually warm around here lately. The last several days the sky has been clear and blue and the temperatures have been getting into the high fifties. I wonder if it will stay or if the winter weather will be coming back...


Yesterday I turned a purse into a camera bag by adding foam that I covered in fabric to add some protection inside. After months of searching for the perfect purse, I finally found one, and I can't wait to use in on our cruise we're going on at the end of the month.

{a shot of Tiana before she and Alina filmed a little movie}

Saturday I tweaked the blog design a bit. I replaced all the green with blue, which I think fits me a bit more. There are also new images in the header and made several social media icons which are on the sidebar. I also created a Google+ Page as well, which I've been having fun playing around with.


  1. Thanks for the blog love today! I LOVE the candle holder you made! Beautiful. :D

  2. I found you on Pinterest, you are talented and so cute!!! You explain photography so well even I could possibly get it. Thanks


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