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Saturday, May 8, 2010

World History

 We just finished studying World War II in my World History class. Just two more chapters then we are done with the book! :D We've learned lots of information, but a bunch of it hasn't stayed with me. One school year just isn't enough time to study the whole history of the world!

I haven't had anything interesting to photograph latley, so I decide to take a few photos of my history book.

I love getting up close to objects when getting pictures of them.

Maps. I've always loved looking at them and doing activities where you have to label different locations and features.


  1. I love these photos, Sereina... very neat! :-)

  2. i adore that last photo. maps are one of my favorite things.

    xo Alison

  3. Wow, those are AWESOME! What kind of camera do you use?

  4. Thanks, Shaynie! I use a Sony DSLR with a 50mm lens.

  5. Hi, Sereina!!! I just saw that you became a follower of mine, and wanted to check out your blog! Wow!!! Your photography is sooooo pretty! I have just entered into the art of photography and am enjoying the pastime thus far! In the future I would like to get a better camera. What camera do you use?
    Well, hope you are having a wonderful day full of spring blessings!
    A sister in Christ,

  6. Thanks, Grace! Photography is and enjoyable hobby.

    I have a Sony A100 and I love it!

  7. I never thought a history book could look so cool! Great job!! :)

  8. Amazing :) That history is soo interesting..

    K xx

  9. I LOVE the 2nd one! It looks all intelligent and all! haha, your photography is really nice :)

  10. I love this idea of taking photos of the inside of a book.


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