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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kelsey, 100 Posts, and 100 Followers!

On the fourth of July, I did a mini-photoshoot with Kelsey. She came up with some great poses and was fun to photograph.

This shot's one of my favorites.

  Doesn't she have beautiful eyes?

This happens to be my 100th post AND yesterday I reached 100 101 followers! Thank you so much for following, everyone! And for all of the lovely comments you all leave. I love reading every single one of them. :D


  1. Oh, Sereina... the pictures are GORGEOUS! I especially love the second one. Congrats on 100 posts *and* 100 followers! That's awesome!! :)

    -- Much love,
    Lindsay <3

    P.S. - I got your e-mail! ;) I'll respond tomorrow, because I'm falling asleep right now. haha! :D

  2. Congrats on hitting 100! I know it's a good feeling and it only gets better. You've got quite a talent and I'll be following so that I can watch you grow. Come by and see me sometime: http://ashleysisk.blogspot.com

  3. Lindsay: Thanks! Kelsey's a very photogenic girl. :D

    Ashley: Why thank you! Thanks for following!

  4. I enjoy looking at all of your photos. Your work is beautiful! I especially enjoy looking at your portraits. (Maybe because that's one area I'm not very good in!)

    Thanks for following my photography blog. Might I ask how you found it?

    In Christ,

  5. Beautiful, as always Sereina. Your style is so real and raw and laid back, and it just so happens that its also INCREDIBLY gorgeous.

    Keep up the amazing work :)

    K xx

  6. Great job! I especially like the last photo where she is picking up the flower-very nice touch!

    P.S. This is my first visit to your pretty blog so I guess I should say, "Hello."

    ~Elizabeth J.

  7. Congragulations! You really deserve all the followers you have because you have an amazing talent for photography!

  8. Beautiful photos! You are a talented photographer! :) I especially love the last picture, of Kelsey leaning over and holding a flower! It's gorgeous! Congrats on 100 followers! Just curious, what camera do you use?

  9. Katherine: Thank you! Latley I've been wondering what my style is, and your comment answered my question!

    Elizabeth: Why, thank you! Thanks for visiting!

    Maddie: Aww. Thanks so much, Maddie!

    KyAnn: Thank you for the complement! I love how the flower shot turned out. I shoot with a Sony A100.

  10. How do you manage to get the best photos ever? You're an amazing photographer!
    I'm not surprised about the amount of followers. I can't wait to see you get more and more!

  11. Gorgeous shots as always, Sereina! And congrats on the 101 follows! Breaking into the triple digits is always a HUGE thing! :-)

  12. Lovely photos! Her eyes ARE beautiful!

  13. Beautiful :) and congratulations on reaching over 100 followers!

  14. Congratulations on 100 followers, Sereina! You truly deserve it. :-) Your photos are sooo good. Blessings!

  15. Beautiful photos! I especially love the first and fourth one (where she looks like she's smirking ;) ). And congrats on 100 followers! Your photography is truly amazing and I'm so happy for you! :D


  16. I like the first one the best! I recently got to my 100th post but I only have 60 something followers! I am still happy about that though :)

  17. Congrats! The pictures are gorgeous!

  18. Congrats Girl! love reading your blog, and love seeing that you read mine as well! I love all of your pictures. You have such a great talent, and a real eye for photography! You deserve each and every follower on this blog. :)


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