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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Photography Blog Related

Q: What photo editing program do you use? Another similar question: I know that you use photoshop for your editing, but what version is it (CS3,
CS4, etc.)?
A: I use Photoshop Elements 7.

Q: How long have you worked with Photoshop Elements? Where can I find out more about the program? ~Jessica
A: I think it's been about four months, so I'm still pretty new at it. But CoffeeShop actions really helped me get used to the program. And there are tons of tutorials also. You can learn more about it here.

Q: How do I get the transparent rectangle that you put the watermark on top of?
A: It's just a long, rectangle that I created with the rectangle tool. I place on top of each photo, and adjust the opacity. I saved that and the watermark text as a .PSD  file,(for Photoshop) then I just drag it on top of each photo, and place the text on top of that.

Q: How do you get inspiration for a photo?
A: Sometimes I just see something, and I instantly have an idea. Other times, I'll remember something cool that I saw online, and I'll use that as inspiration.

Q: How did you get involved with photography? ~Grace
A: Well, I've always loved to take pictures and I've taken photos with point and shoots for a long time. But in January, I started shooting with my parents DSLR, cause I love the pictures I get with it. and I use it all the time! (I'm working on a post about this topic, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!)

Q: What (if any) extra gadgets do you use with your camera...such as other lenses, 
filters, flashes, etc.?  Which is your favorite? ~Hannah
A: I pretty much only shoot with my 50mm. And I use a polarizer, and that's about it... I want
a to get one of those nice flashes, though.

Q: This doesn't have anything to do with your photography, but how did you get the
 cute little font for the post titles on your blog?  Did you have it done somewhere or do
 it yourself?  I love it! ~Hannah
A: Thanks! I did it myself, with a tutorial from Keven and Amanda. There are quite a few steps, 
but it's worth it. :D Heres the link: Custom Font for Header
Q: When you bring out one color in a picture, do you have to do that by hand?
A: Kinda. For most photos, I use the CoffeeShop Vivid Action (for PS and PSE). I tweak with
the layers to get it exactly how I want it.

Q: What is your favorite thing to photograph? And another similar question, What is 
your favorite thing to take pictures of?
A: I enjoy photographing just about anything, but food is probably one of my favorites. 
Portraits would be a close second. :)

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Yes, I do. Our family has two Seal Point Siamese, who are brothers. (Seen here)

Q: I was wondering if you would possibly post the recipe for the banana cake, my 
brothers birthday is soon and he LOVES! bananas!
A: Here's the recipe: https://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=1KFokAAzuTpT1To3EW64YDB7tXl-SF7_vYWhrkoqPaYQ&hl=en&authkey=CMyfmsEP

Q: How do you make this Google Docs thingy have such a cool background? :)
A: When creating a form, there's a button in the top, left side that says, "Theme: Plain" 
If you click on it, there are many different templates. :D

Q: Have you ever been out of the country? ~ Carlotta
A: Technically, yes. We drove up to Canada once, when I was younger, but I don't really
remember it... I want to visit Europe someday, though!

Keep the questions coming! If I get enough new ones, I'll anwer them in another post.


  1. For some reason your blog isn't showing up on my blog feed so I didn't even know you were doing this until you posted it on facebook... bummer! Can I still ask a question?

  2. That's not good... Sure, ask me as many as you want!

  3. How did you learn photography? Like did you read any books or take any workshops?

  4. Hi Sereina!

    Thanks so much for answering my question! I am going to look into the links you gave me! Thanks again! :)


  5. I've been having the same problem as Kaylee with your blog not showing up in my feed. I'm going to unfollow you and then follow again...maybe that'll help.


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