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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Fourth of July

Saturday my family spend the day at our friends, grandma's house. They have a small lake, where the kids rode in boats and had a good time, even though it was cold and windy out.

I made a banana cake with banana frosting to share with everyone. I also made some American flags to add to it.

The "red" turned out more like pink, and the blue wasn't as dark as I was hoping. Oh, well.

Tiana, Alina, and Danielle in the paddle boat.

The beautiful pond in the backyard.

Daniel, already to go out in the boat.

Alina and Danielle rowed over to the island.

And of course, my dad brought his RC stuff. Here is is radio controlled jet ski.

Playing Apples to Apples.

Playing baseball, with a ketchup bottle as a bat, and a plastic lid for a ball.

Kelsey, Me, and Cristina.

Fireworks! We had quite a bit of them...

And last, but not least, FIREWORKS! :D


  1. You take AWESOME pictures!!!! Apples to Apples is one of my fav. games, and the pictures of the fireworks are so cool!
    Hope you are having a lovely day!
    Your sister in Christ,

  2. Cute pics! The cakes looks delicious :) and I especially like the 8th photo "playing apples to apples" and the fireworks!


  3. Amazing pictures, as usual! And a question photographer to photographer, how did you get such amazing fireworks photos? it there a setting you had it on or something because my fireworks photos where not that great, lol.


  4. Thanks, girls!

    Maggie: Since I wasn't using a tripod, I put the shutter speed fairly high (I believe I had it on 60). They were not the clearest if you enlarged them, but they turned out pretty well.

  5. I ADORE fireworks! Looks like you had fun :) And i just want to eat that cake up!

    K xx


  6. Your photos are AMAZING! :D Each one is so wonderful!


  7. I think my brother would LOVE to have a banana cake for his birthday! and it's coming up on the 18th!
    Would you mind posting the recipe on here so I could maybe make it for him or for another time?
    Great photo's as always!

  8. All of you have the BLUEST eyes I have ever seen. It is simply stunning!! I absolutely love bright blue eyes like that!

    You do a great job with photography. I love your creativeness. ;) lol

    Love in Christ,

  9. What great photos! It looks like you had a fabulous Fourth of July celebration. I wish we could set off fireworks in Australia!

    I hope your day is sweet,


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