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Friday, September 24, 2010

I Love Baking!

Anyone who has spent enough time around me will know that I love to bake. If I make a batch of muffins, I'll bring some for my friends at our co-op. If there is an event where I need to bring something to share, I always make some of my cookies. Most likely chocolate chip cookies.

There is nothing better than a fresh batch of cookies, baked from scratch, right out of the oven. Nice warm cookies, with chocolate that is sill gooey. And you can't forget tasting some of the dough, before you start putting it on the baking sheets. ;-)

These are some oatmeal cookies I made awhile back. Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

I like muffins. There simple and easy to make, and you can add just about anything into them. I love chocolate muffins.

A sugar crusted citrus muffin, recipe from the Muffins Galore cookbook.

Then we have cakes, perfect for birthdays, events, or just cause you want one! I love baking cakes from scratch, cause they taste so good! I love messing around with different flavors. Heres some that I've made: orange cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate peppermint Joe-Joe's with egg nogg icing, banana cake with banana frosting.

For breakfast a while back, I made this cinnamon breakfast cake. Recipe from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything.

So, do you like to bake? If so, what's your favorite thing to bake? If you don't, what's your favorite baked good?


  1. Mmmm! All those pictures of baking are making hungry! I love bran muffins and marshmallow bars :)

  2. Okay. I LOVE baking. I love the Taste of Home Baking Book. If you don't have it, I think you should get it, it's worth every penny. I've also got the Brownies and Bars cookbook and the Cupcakes! one. They're cool. (-:
    I like baking cakes most, I think. I'm no professional by any means, but I have fun. And brownies.

  3. I don't care much for baking or cooking in general, I really truly wish I loved it. :) Homemade goodies are SO much more yummy than any premade processed food. And they look better photographed as well! Beautiful photos, I'm officially HUNGRY.;)

  4. Wow, those look wonderful, Sereina! :) I love chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! And muffins.. mmm! I like banana nut muffins!

  5. YUM! I love baking too -- cookies are kind of my specialty. ;) This was such a fun post, Sereina!

  6. Oohhh, yummy! All of your amazing photos are making me hungry! :) I really love to make Brownies and different cakes. :)


  7. Ooo! That first photo has some seriously awesome bokeh in it - love these shots Sereina :)
    I do enjoy baking... but rarely and usually it's this one "Easy Almond Bar" recipe. Otherwise my favorite baked good would have to be my Mom's cinnamon bread, bar claws from this bakery in town and peach pie. :)

  8. Yum! The citrus muffin looks so tasty=) So does the cinnamon breakfast bread.
    I'm not the baker in my family - my brother is:) I bake occasionally, but only at a special request from my dad, or when my sweet tooth gets the better of me;)


  9. Oh, Sereina, you've made me hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite thing to bake and eat is cupcakes. ;)

  10. They look so good. I like to make fettichini alfredo ( carlotta's recipe).It is so good.

  11. Mmmm...yummy! Baking is really fun but I am not the best baker in the world! I like pizzas and muffins best :)


  12. You rock at food photography!! and my favorite thing to bake would probably be cookies and cupcakes! :)



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