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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Computer Problems...

My computer stopped working the other evening. I was going to post several sunset photos from our beach vacation, but I don't have access to them now. My dad thinks it may be the motherboard, but were not really sure. All my photos are safe, though, and it will just be a while till I'll be able to work on anything. Hopefully I will have a working computer soon, so I can post some photos.

I do have this one sunset that I accidental uploaded with some other photos, so at least this post has a photo! We saw some beautiful sunsets while we were there, and I can't wait to share them! :D
Sunset 1


  1. Very neat shot! I hope your computer gets fixed soon :)

  2. That is a gorgeous photo. Great job.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo! I love the vivid colors!

  4. Pretty! Hope you get your computer fixed!

  5. I love the sunset photo in this post and cannot wait to see the other ones once you are able to upload them! :)
    I also hope your computer problems are not too serious!


    Miss Antoinette

  6. Hi, I'm a homeschooled Christian too :)
    I found your blog through a giveaway contest, so I thought I would check it out, I really like it, that picture is beautiful.
    When you get a chance come on over and check out my blog: http://cbwriter95.blogspot.com/
    Bye for now
    p.s I followed you blog :)
    With love in Christ,

  7. I'm so glad your pictures are safe! Our computer crashed once and I lost tons of pictures that weren't on cd's or a an external hard drive. It was NOT fun! :( The sunset picture is really pretty! :)

  8. Man! That is pretty! I have some really beautiful sunsets where I live as well. They are hard to capture on camera!
    Great photo! I can wait to see the rest!



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