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Friday, June 29, 2012

Daisies at the Park

After all the rain lately, we've finally been getting some warm weather. Yesterday was sunny and warm, so we spontaneously decided to go have a picnic at the park. The grass was filled with thousands of little daises, one of my favorite flowers to take photos of.
Tall Daisy

Tiana made a daisy chain necklace, bracelet, and ankle bracelet.
Daisy Chain Ankle Bracelet

There were small patches of sun peaking through the trees, lighting up the daisies. They looked to pretty!
Daisies in Sun


  1. Me likey!! I love the anklet!

  2. Darling photos! Love the second photograph.


  3. Aw, thanks Morgan!

    Thank you, Leah! Daisies are so pretty and make great photos.


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