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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leaving For the Week


Hey everyone! Our family is going to the coast and will be spending a week at the ocean. So, since I'll be on vacation , I won't be posting, or commenting on your lovely blogs this week. *sniff* I'll miss reading all those lovely posts everyone shares. But I do plan to come home with many photos and memories to share!

Oh, and my I Heart Faces photo is set to auto publish, but that's the only post you'll see from me this week. Have a fabulous week, everyone! :D

P.S. I didn't have many beach pictures, so a shot of some lavender will have to do. ;)


  1. That Lavender is gorgeous! Have a blast at the ocean! I'm jealous. ;)


  2. Ooooh, I love lavender. Mmmmmmm. <3 One of my favorites.

    Have a lovely time at the ocean. You're dreadfully lucky! I expect lots of photos from your vacation -- hehehe -- to revel in the beauty I've never yet seen in person (the closest I've been to an ocean was at Chesapeake Bay. but not close enough.) =/

  3. Have fun at the beach, Sereina! I'll miss your sweet comments and your lovely posts! I can't wait to see all of your beautiful pictures and hear all about the trip, though. Have a wonderful time, sweet friend! :)


  4. Hi there Sereina,
    I have now become a follower of your blog and LOVE IT so far!
    Have a great day,

  5. Gorgeous picture! Have a great time on vacation! :)

  6. Have a great time, Sereina! I'll definitely miss your comments and your gorgeous photos. I'm sure you'll come home with lots of things to share though. Talk to you later! :)

    ~ Love,

  7. WOW,thats a beautiful picture! : ) Have fun on your trip!

  8. Oh, have a wonderful time, Sereina:) I will most definitely miss your posts and sweet comments on my blog *sniff*

    The lavender photo is just gorgeous!

    Love ya, sweet gal!

    -Hannah M

  9. Have a good time at the beach! You are so lucky. Also, I really like the picture of the lavender. Every time I look at it the strong scent of lavender floats by my nostrils. Awesome!

  10. Have a great time!!! Can't wait for all the pictures :)


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