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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decor Favorites

18 people have joined my first week of my Christmas link up so far. I have to say, there are some pretty fun and creative photos there! Remember, you can link up as many photos, whenever you want for the rest of the month. I hope we can get even more people to join this week! 

Here are a few of my favorites from week 1, Decor:

I love Heather's creative photo. Like she said, the tree is the foundation for all the decorations.

Well I have to say, Megan has a beautiful photo here. I love the way she tilted the camera and her depth of field is perfect. 

Isn't Jaymi's snowman adorable? I love him, along with the warm, cozy tone the photo has. The texture is quite lovely as well.

Danelle at I Take Pictures
I love Danelle's first photo: the composition, the beautiful red color, and the texture on the ornament.


  1. My Merry Christmas link up is posted :)

    Great selection of decor photos.


  2. I would love to participate... its just that we haven't put up our decor yet. So I'll be sure to link up when I can. :)

    P.S.- All those pictures are amazing!

  3. great pictures, I loved your blog and photography! :)

  4. wow I can't believe you picked one of mine! thanks! :)

  5. Love the first and the last! Nice shots!

  6. Great photos, I love them all! I tried to post one, but it came out so stretched that I just removed it. Yes, I'm a new blogger...if you don't mind, how do you get the pictures so that the long ones aren't stretched? I'm subscribing to comments here. Mine simply won't work.

  7. Beautiful photos!! I LOVE all of these!

  8. Thanks so much for choosing my photo as a fave!


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