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Monday, January 3, 2011

I Heart Faces - Absolute Best Face Photo of 2010

I have to say, this weeks theme was a tough one. I took thousands and thousands of photos last year, and went digging through my semi-organized My Pictures folder on my hard drive. I have so many favorite photos with faces in them, making it a hard task. I love the photo of Daniel, when I had him sit for me when I was doing some self-portraits so I could get the focus right. There were some awesome photos from our beach vacation as well. And then there are the photos from our group camping trip. I love so many pictures from that trip. But I kept coming back to a certain photo.

This is my favorite face photo of 2010. You may recognize it, since I've posted it twice before, once in color and once in B&W. I love the simplicity of the shot.

Alina,Black and White

Happy 2011 to you all!

P.S. I'm sure you noticed things look a bit different around here, with the new blog design. I wanted something light and airy, and decided to bring back the green.


  1. Love the photo... and the green:)

  2. I love the simplicity of this shot too. It is stunning!

  3. I love the photo!! Soo pretty. :) And I also LOVE your new blog design! :)

  4. Happy New Year, Sereina! What a lovely photo! I've so enjoyed all your photography over the past months. Such a blessing!~

  5. I love the realness of this photo - and the processing is perfect.

  6. WOW! Your blog looks AMAZING!

  7. I love the new look! and this photo is one of my favorites.

  8. Great photo! It looks very candid and haunting (in a good way :-).

  9. I love it! Beautiful face, great emotion. Well done. :)


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