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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Heart Faces - Pets

It was just last week that I shared a photo of our newest neighbor, who happens to be a cat. Since my two cats don't seem to enjoy posing for my camera, I decided I wanted to get a shot of this guy for this weeks I Heart Faces theme, Pets. He enjoys spending time in our yard and gets lots of petting and holding time between all four of us kids. He's also found his way into our house several times, but luckily Koko and Doji don't seem too bugged out about that.


I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials


  1. Such a sweet picture! We have three orange barn kitties just like that. My favorite kind=)


  2. He is so cute. I'm partial to orange cats. Love his eyes here!

  3. Lovely job, editing!!

  4. I love cuddly cats. What a gorgeous coat. Beautiful shot! I am coming over to your facebook page right this second to be a fan : )

  5. Great photo! Orange cats are my favorite!

  6. Ooh! This is a wonderful photo!
    I hope you'll be a finalist. ;)

  7. So cute! Love the coloring and soft lighting.

  8. what a great shot! thank you for visiting my site. I love those green eyed tabbys!

  9. I absolutely love cat's, and this cat is just so beautiful. This is a really great shot.


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