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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gilligan and Star Trek

Some of our friends invited us to a costume party, which was last Friday night. We all had fun coming up with our costumes for the party and putting them together. I was little red riding hood and made a red cape with some pretty red fabric. My sister Tiana was a princess in a pretty purple dress she found at the Goodwill Outlet. Alina was the guy with the red shirt from Star Trek who dies in the first episode he's in (for those of you who haven't seen Star Trek, whenever a landing party goes down to the planet, you pretty much know that whoever is wearing red shirt isn't going to make it back). And Daniel was Gilligan from Gilligan's Island.

I wanted to get pictures of everyone, but it started to rain after I took Daniel's and Alina's photos. I might have to do some self-portraits in my cape, though.


Daniel already had a perfect Gilligan hat, so the rest of the costume was really easy to put toghether.


I wasn't able to get a good full body shot, since it started raining, so this is angle I have. My mom added the black collar to the shirt, sewed the Star Fleet insignia, added the rank (gold ribbon) to the sleeves, and made a belt for her phaser.


  1. Your brother looks so cute as Gilligan! What excellent costume ideas!

  2. I love both of the costumes! :)


  3. You really do take awesome portraits!


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